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SELARAS The Pioneer of Outbound Training Provider

The History : In 1999, We built this Company named PT.SELARAS INTI PRIMA INDONESIA.  The former (8 Young Entepreneur) name it “SELARAS Outbound” as a brand name.  Based on the goal of training and developing human resources to assist every company and organization in reaching their goals, We provide some Experiential Training Program (Outbound Training Program) that very applicated.  Two years later, in April 2001, we built SELARAS Adventure Land) in order to support the Experiential Learning Program such as Team Building, Outing based Experiential Learning, Company Gathering, Youth Summer Camp, Outdoor Leadership Program, Achievement Motivation Training etc. 
 "I feel like a different person. The more I do, the more likely I am to say, 'I can, I can do it'."  
Encounter the diversity which is SELARAS Outbound anywhere today, and that experience is founded on the same two propositions: (1) learning and growth take place by the interaction between individuals accepting a challenge in an unfamiliar environment, and (2) this learning is transferable to meeting today's complex challenges - at home, in school or at work. Growth occurs through: the teaching of technical and wilderness skills; the experience of increasingly difficult and challenging activities; the opportunity to reflect on accomplishments in solitude; and the examination of ways to incorporate all that has been learned into daily lives. In short, SELARAS Outbound is educational; it builds character and values which called "the other, and more important, side of the report card."

"The trick is not to rid your stomach of butterflies—but to make them fly in formation."

"The Outbound Training Program has been a reminder that life can be simpler, that problems can be surmounted, that nature is majestic, and that strangers can be friends."