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Outbound Team

The staffs of SELARAS Outbound are the vitally important element in the SELARAS Outbound experience. Their responsibilities are legion as are the variety of their requirements: a blend of empathy, insight, sensitivity, technical expertise and patience. As courses may contain real physical and psychological challenges, the role of the instructor/tutor is crucial the success and safety of the enterprise. In fulfilling this role, they initiate and engineer diverse situations and experiences, they reach the necessary basic skills, and they provide individual and group counseling and feedback as appropriate. They demonstrate in their own behavior their concern for people and their belief in the SELARAS Outbound process.  SELARAS Outbound’s staff employment and exchanges are commonplace - and encouraged. All staff around SELARAS Outbound is imbued with common tenets: all share common goals for course participants. All would subscribe to: "(I have a) passionate concern that (people) should not merely survive the challenges they are impelled to experience, but that they should emerge strengthened in every way - spiritually, intellectually, physically and morally."