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Outbound Location-Outing Location-Gathering Location in Indonesia

As an impression of our concern in Experiential Training Program (Outbound Training Program), SELARAS Outbound built it’s camp called SELARAS Adventure Land in 2001.  Located at Sukabumi-West Java that reach about 3 hour long trip to go to this camp.  For further information about this camp site, visit,, Other camp site that we usually provide are:

  • Ever Green, Bogor-West Java
  • Villa Ratu, Bogor – West Java
  • Thousand Island, Jakarta (Bidadari and Ayer)
  • Mutiara Carita, Anyer- Banten
  • Ciater Spa, Bandung- West Java
  • Taman Piknik, Bogor – West Java
  • Etc.

Beside, We have other outbound location and outing location outside of West Java and outside of Java Island, such as :

  • Outbound location of Songo Temple at Ambarawa, Mid of Java
  • Outbound location and Outing Location at Pekalen Probolinggo
  • Outbound location at Songgoriti and Selorejo, Malang
  • Outbound Location at Trawas, Mojokerto
  • Outbound Location at Lampung, Medan, Samarinda, Balikpapan, Menado
  • etc.