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Spiritual Adventure & Customize Program

We at Selaras Outbound believe that there are no two companies exactly the same. And each entity requires different needs. Furthermore, based on years of practices and experience in different industries, we have developed different types of experiential training (outbound training) that fit our client’s organizational needs. These types and categories, however, do not necessarily mean to limit the scope of the training but rather to give our client general idea of our services in experiential training (outbound training). Here are the most popular Customizing Program that we deliver:

  1. Value Development Program
  2. Great Person Great Teamwork
  3. Discover The Power In You
  4. Spiritual Adventure
  5. Etc.
For more information about Outbound Customize Program , Please Call Our Marketing Executive at 021-7827623  (Hunting) / WA : 0813-1999-8761 or email us at