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Vishal Gupta  (Head of Sales Reckitt Benckisser)
“We finally have a fantastic day that ever did.  And, from the deepest of my heart, they are (SELARAS Outbound) absolutely fantastic! This event have a success only because of SELARAS!…only because of SELARAS!”

Johanes Nangoi (Presdir  PT. Pantja Motor (ISUZU))
“Many thank’s to All SELARAS TEAM. They are very Professional and Great Team”.

Sulianti E. (Presdir PT. Timas Suplindo)
“For the first time I saw, SELARAS TEAM was a solid team.  SELARAS Outbound is very..very good because It Supported by good facility (SELARAS Adventure Land). Bravo SELARAS!”

Karl-Heinz Rathsam (Presdir of Beiersdorf)
“Have fun and don’t worry be happy. Thanks SELARAS Outbound”

Bimo Kustoro (Sales Division Head Adira Insurance)
“We learn many things through this program, such as communication, understand-each other to reach the share goals. SELARAS Outbound OK!”

Ferry Achmadsyah  (Kepala Cabang Saharjo Bank Syariah Mandiri)
“This program has built us to be a smart people, tough, creative…Thanks SELARAS”

Dadang Syamsul Munir (Dir. Operasi PT. Berdikari)
“Very impress with all SELARAS facilitator. They’re smart, and can deliver the whole content of the program to us very clearly.”

Heru Pria Utama (Coperate Commercial Div. Head Bank BumiPutera)
“Thanks a lot SELARAS, getting involve in this program, now I can develop my self and know myself”

Dwi Suwono Harto (Mngr. Operasi & Pemasaran Perusahaan Gas Negara)
“The Facilitators are friendly, Professional and have a good capability, Bravo SELARAS!”